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Rikyu Spa

Treatment by in-house esthetician.Esthetic treatment  Rikyu SpaVariety of esthetic treatment options by in house esthetician.Hot spring and esthetic treatment is perfect combination for lady.
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Spa Menu

Back oil treatment  60 minutes 9000 yen (tax not included) Release pain of legs, back, shoulder.
For first timer, guest who prefer short time.
Recovery from exhaustion, relaxation.

Yobanashi Cha
Whole body oil treatment 90 minutes 13,000 yen (tax not included)We take time to relase pain slowly.
Reccomended for person who suffer from body pain and tiredness.
Recovery from exhaustion, relaxation, release from stiff neck.

Akatsuki no Cha 
Sole reflexology 40 minutes 7,000 yen (tax not included)Massaging sole pressure point, improve organs.
Recommended for those who suffer from swelling, sore muscle.

Facial treatment 60 minutes 9,000 yen (tax not included)Improve blood circulation, Detoxification.
Activate skin to enhance its own moisturization function.
Good for beautiful skin, stiff shoulder, relaxation.

Back and sole reflexology 90 minutes 13,000 yen (tax not included)Improve blood circulation, metabolism.

Fuji no Cha
Facial and sole reflexology 90分 minutes 13,000 yen (tax not included)Give your body relaxation and take good care of your skin.
Improve blood circulation, make your skin smooth.

Nagori no Cha
Body and facial treatment 120 minutes 17,000 yen (tax not included)After long journey, give your body relaxation and take good care of your skin. 
Total satisfaction course.

Atomi no Cha
Special menu for pregnant woman after 20 week
Advance booking necessary. Need permission from doctor for the treatment. (document not necessary).

Body Oil Treatment 
60 minutes 10,000 yen (tax not included)
Release back pain.
Release stress, swelling, good relaxation
  • 46981583
  • 48139558
  • 48139336
  • 46981572